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Jul 2015

Electronics Recycling for Businesses

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Challenges are present from an individual consumer to a Fortune 500 company to properly recycle their electronics. Each have data issues and it’s important to partner with a company that understands the customer’s requirements to responsibly recycle their old electronics. However, as the quantity of the material grows, the job at hand becomes more complex. It’s not as easy as loading two old computers and a printer into the backseat of a car and driving it to a recycler. Much more goes into the project when working with hundreds of computers, monitors, and printers that keep a business running.


At ecoTech, we pride ourselves on our ability to work with everyone from the consumer to the large businesses throughout the North East and beyond. In regards to working with a large business, we make sure to work with the company on how we can make things as efficient as possible without interrupting their company’s productivity. Whether it’s coming in before the work day begins or after it ends, we can work with you to make sure that things run seamlessly. We also provide the man-power to help prepare and stage the load so it can be removed and recycled as efficiently as possible.


It’s all about understanding how to make things work best for the company and ecoTech is committed to making things easy for any size company. Contact us today and let us recycle your old electronics!

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Jun 2015

Scrap Yards and Electronics Recycling

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This past April, ISRI (Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries) held their annual convention in Vancouver, Canada. I’ve attended the past several events and this year was lucky enough to be asked to speak as part of the Electronics Recycling’s Educational Committee. The turnout for the event was much larger than I had anticipated and the other speakers did a fantastic job highlighting how to enter into the world of electronics recycling.


My topic, “How to Integrate Electronics Recycling into a Traditional Scrap Yard”, is something that I’m extremely familiar with and also am passionate about. Having grown ecoTech directly out of a traditional scrap recycling facility, I’ve been through the up’s and down’s as to what needs to be done and how to potentially be profitable on this side of the business. The most important thing for both consumers and for scrap recyclers to realize is that there is value to almost all electronics that we have deemed “scrap” or “obsolete”. It’s also important for both the consumer and recycler to understand that unlike their traditional materials, they need to handle them in a different way.


Electronics contain hazardous materials, as well as data containing devices, which if mishandled, can cause serious issues for both the consumer and the environment. Storage, data security, and handling are all major factors that need to be taken into account before a company decides to get involved in this industry. It’s also important for the consumer to understand what the next steps and processes will be to ensure that the material they have will be properly disposed of.


At ecoTech, our experience in handling both traditional scrap and electronics is one of our strongest assets and sets us apart from other recycling facilities. Whether you are interested in getting involved in this industry or hoping to properly recycling your old computer, be sure to ask questions and figure out what will work out best for everyone involved.

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May 2015

Making Money Recycling Your Computer

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Making Money

The computer you are using now probably wasn’t cheap. After some research as to what would suit your needs best, you probably purchased something that came with a fairly large price tag. However, in the back of your mind, you knew that this brand new computer would only last so long before you had to go through the same process once again to get the latest and greatest. The same applies for cell phones. The flip phone you had 10 years ago still performs the same basic function that your iPhone does: it’s a phone. But the technology we have now and will have in the future will make our lives easier in the long run.


These necessary technology refresh cycles are done in both work and personal life. The value of the old computer or phone will go down over time, but trying to maximize the value of the electronics is key. There will always be a value for an old computer or phone, but to reuse and refurbish it early enough in its life cycle will definitely bring more value toward your next device. However, everyone has an old computer, cell phone, or other piece of electronics that didn’t make the refresh cycle. Though it may be too old for a second “life”, there is still money to be made.


Electronics recyclers can often pay for your old equipment because of the precious metals that they contain and can be refined. This “Above Ground Mining” is an extremely important way to recycle the precious metals that we have used rather than mining for more. Stop by your local electronics recycler and hopefully you should be able to walk away with some money in your pocket!

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