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May 2015

Amazing Day at Westhampton Beach Earth Day Event

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On April 25, Westhampton Beach hosted their annual Earth Day Event which showcased many local environmental groups. ecoTech Management was there to help local residents recycle their electronics and provide information to the community about what happens to their electronics once they are processed.


Unlike last year’s rainy weather, we had a beautiful day with our best turn out yet. This year, we collected just over 6,000lbs of electronics and were able to give back to the community for their recycled material. We even received some local press (, showing our Director of Operations and Sales Manager Nat Varisco helping collect for the community.


ecoTech is proud to have worked with the community with this successful event and is happy to help other communities and organizations host similar fund-raising collection events. For more information, please feel free to contact us at 631-567-2727 for more information and details!WHBEarth21

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Apr 2015

Reuse and Electronics Recycling

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One of the main points that both the R2 and e-Steward certifications maintain is that reuse should always be put forward before recycling. Whether it’s the whole unit or simply a memory stick, the more we can reuse, the less refining will be done on a global scale. Giving something a second life rather than an end to it is essential in the missions of both certifications.


Ecotech is committed to moving toward dealing with as much reuse of material as possible. However, it is a necessary “evil” to continue to recycle and refine materials. It would be wonderful if electronics held their value for a longer period of time, but as technology continues to change, the value of materials continues to go down. Thus, the scrap value is often the most you can get for many old electronics. However, it is still important to make sure that none of these items end up in landfill.


When reuse isn’t an option, make sure to recycle your old electronics with a certified company that can responsibly recycle your electronics.

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Apr 2015

Westhampton Beach Earth Day Event

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earth day

On April 25, 2015, Westhampton Beach will be hosting their Seventh Annual Earth Day event. This annual event brings the community together to highlight recycling efforts and environmental impacts in the area. Both the community and local town officials will be in attendance to participate in a variety of activities supporting “green” initiatives.


For the second year in a row, ecoTech Management will provide free and eco-friendly recycling for electronics. We are proud to be working with Westhampton Beach for this event once again as it’s often an overlooked aspect of recycling. They have been forward thinking in getting the community involved and providing education regarding how important it is to recycle old electronics properly. As New York State has passed legislation prohibiting landfilling of electronics, this event provides a much needed resource for local residents to drop off their material and ensure it is properly disposed of.


We look forward to partnering again with this great event. Please feel free to stop by our truck to drop off your electronics at the Village Green on Mill Road and Main Street from 1PM-4PM. We will also be happy to answer any questions as to what happens to your electronics and provide additional information on our data destruction services!

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