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Nov 2014

Recycle TV’s Responsibly

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On a recent drive through a major North East city, I was stopped behind a garbage truck. Though not the ideal place to be, I got a first hand look at how a sanitation worker mishandled a CRT television. It joined the rest of the waste that they placed into the compactor. Even worse, the worker dug into the smashed devise to remove the copper yoke.

With so many states implementing different programs and events to ensure electronic waste ends up int he proper streams, it was hard to watch a television be so poorly handled and ultimately, not recycled. The leaded glass issue is a real problem but if we are to landfill and not sort our TV’s, CRT’s, and other electronics, it’s only going to get worse. The copper  yoke is just one part of a TV that has recyclable value. Plastics, circuit boards, and other items pay to recycle. The leaded glass is the main issue and it will cost money to dispose of. Programs that have been set in place in some +20 states across the country have been trying to help both consumers and recyclers find common ground so that everyone can be happy and the material can be recycled responsibly.

Bottom line is to know what may happen to your TV, computer, or other electronics if they are left curbside. More often than not, it’s not a solution that will benefit anyone and could potentially do more harm than good. Use responsible recycling facilities, collection events, and other vetted processes to ensure that future generations won’t have to worry about leaded glass pouring out of the landfills across the  country.

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