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Apr 2015

Collection Events and Spring Cleaning

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spring cleaning

The grip of winter has finally let up and it’s time to start clearing out some of the old electronics that have been collecting dust inside a closet or basement for far too long. Spring and Summer are both excellent times to load up the car and bring your electronics to a local recycling event or scrap facility, but it’s important to remember a few things before you leave your scrap with a company:


-Ask what certifications that they hold and how they process their material. Transparency is key in this industry and it’s important to understand where your material may end up.

-Find out how the company will ensure data destruction so that the information on your hard drive won’t end up in the wrong hands.

-Take a look at the company’s website and make sure you are comfortable with who you are recycling with.

-If a collection event isn’t occurring in your area, reach out to a local recycling facility to ask about sponsoring an event for a fundraising opportunity. There is value to the material and it’s always a great way to make some extra money for a good cause.

-It’s illegal in the state of New York to dump your electronics at a landfill. Remember- there is value to just about all electronics! Why throw away money and face fines for illegal dumping!


Keeping these few things in mind when recycling your old electronics will help make the world a better place!

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