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Nov 2013

Destroy Your Electronic Data

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Data Destruction Service

Data security is something that we tend to put in the back of our minds when we are buying new electronics. Always looking for the new innovation, the priority is the new, not how to deal with the old. The information we have on our computers is always at risk. Yet it is most vulnerable when the computer, server, or phone is out of your possession. New electronics will continue to replace the old, however it is up to the consumer to figure out how they can keep their information safe.

When it comes to data destruction, there are two main methods to ensure that sensitive information isn’t leaked. It’s either reuse or recycle. Both options, if properly utilized, can be effective solutions to make sure your data doesn’t end up in the wrong hands. Wiping the data will extend the life of the drive and reduce the energy and resources it takes to build a new one. However, many drives are outdated and a second life isn’t’t an option. That’s where shredding comes into play.

Hard drive shredding is an excellent solution for data destruction because it leaves no doubt that all of the information has been destroyed. Through mechanical and manual processes, the drive is sorted into its basic commodities and refined. It’s an effective method to avoid data exposure and, when properly done, can be beneficial for the environment as well. The destruction and liberation of metals brings the materials full circle so that they can be refined and reused as their base commodities. Yet within every drive there are potentially hazardous materials. It is always important to do some research and ask questions before you decide to do anything with your old electronics.

Throughout Long Island, NY, there are plenty of companies that provide data destruction and data wiping. New York State leaves the option of data destruction to the individual. However, they do provide a list of certified recyclers and refurbishing companies that can give you more information on either option. Looking for certifications like R2 or E-Steward are good signs that the company will be taking both the ethical and environmentally responsible steps to ensure that hazardous materials are contained and properly disposed of.

Whether wiping or shredding for data destruction, always know what happens to your drive.

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