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Apr 2014

Earth Day 2014- Recycling Electronics and Beyond

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Captain Planet (Note: I’m not sure if he is actually a Captain), was preaching the message of recycling to the youth of America for years. His mission was simple: Save the planet. He reminded us every time he saved the planet that “The Power Is Yours!” and that we control our destiny when it comes to recycling. Though the series never focused on electronics recycling, if Captain Planet came back today, I’m confident it would be one of his top priorities to handle.

The month of April, and specifically April 22 (Earth Day), is a great time to recognize how lucky we are to have the natural resources that we use every day and that we should never take them for granted. Recycling should always be something to practice throughout the year, but Earth Day is a great reminder to continue those practices. We can all become complacent when we throw a plastic bottle into the trash rather than the recycling container, but now is the time to start new initiatives, retool old practices, and make the world a better place.  It is up to the individual to make the difference.

Electronics are a relatively new waste stream, and it’s important to be knowledgeable about. The plastic water bottle may not cause pollution in a landfill, but the lead from the CRT monitor next to it will definitely cause some issues. Be aware of where your electronics go and understand the hazards that they can cause to our Earth. We only have one, and Captain Planet has given us the task to make things better.  Find events and certified recyclers to help meet your electronics recycling needs.

On April 26th, ecoTech Management will be working with the Westhampton Beach PTO/PTA’s Earth Day event. We will be there from 1-4PM and will be accepting computers, servers, laptops, CRT monitors, TV’s, and printers. Please come support this great organization and recycle your old electronics!

Captin Planet

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