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May 2015

Electronics Recycling and Transparency

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I am a terrible liar. It’s never something I’ve been able to do well. I also can’t keep secrets. Both of these can often be perceived as negative attributes, however in the electronics recycling industry, they are both something to be proud of.


Industry certifications (R2/RIOS and e-Steward) keep everyone honest. The majority of the companies that are in existence play by the rules and are able to disclose to a vendor where all of their material will end up. It’s the diligence of tracking and maintaining a strong book of records that makes this industry unique. When a company fails to provide adequate tracking of their downstream vendors, it is a red flag and business will lost on their end. At the same time, when a full package of material is sent to me from my vendors, it makes everything easy to manage and business can continue to grow.


The certifications are here to help weed out those who don’t want to play by the rules. And in all honesty, the rules are pretty simple: don’t lie and practice what you preach.

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