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May 2015

Making Money Recycling Your Computer

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Making Money

The computer you are using now probably wasn’t cheap. After some research as to what would suit your needs best, you probably purchased something that came with a fairly large price tag. However, in the back of your mind, you knew that this brand new computer would only last so long before you had to go through the same process once again to get the latest and greatest. The same applies for cell phones. The flip phone you had 10 years ago still performs the same basic function that your iPhone does: it’s a phone. But the technology we have now and will have in the future will make our lives easier in the long run.


These necessary technology refresh cycles are done in both work and personal life. The value of the old computer or phone will go down over time, but trying to maximize the value of the electronics is key. There will always be a value for an old computer or phone, but to reuse and refurbish it early enough in its life cycle will definitely bring more value toward your next device. However, everyone has an old computer, cell phone, or other piece of electronics that didn’t make the refresh cycle. Though it may be too old for a second “life”, there is still money to be made.


Electronics recyclers can often pay for your old equipment because of the precious metals that they contain and can be refined. This “Above Ground Mining” is an extremely important way to recycle the precious metals that we have used rather than mining for more. Stop by your local electronics recycler and hopefully you should be able to walk away with some money in your pocket!

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