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May 2015

New York State Electronics and Reuse Act

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Effective January 2015, it is now illegal in the state of NY to dispose of electronics in a landfill. This is a huge step forward by the state to promote responsible and environmentally friendly efforts when it comes to electronics recycling. By keeping old electronics out of the landfill, it will eliminate the negative effects that the hazardous materials inside of the electronics can have on the environment. In CRT’s, the leaded glass can seep into water pools and can cause significant problems for both this generation and future generations to come.


This step by New York State is important for many reasons. It sets an example and a commitment toward the recycling industry to promote positive change when it comes to electronics recycling. The law will fine those who are illegally disposing of electronics and it is my hope that the enforcement of this law will be strict. There is no room for error when it comes to responsible recycling. Either it happens or it doesn’t and those who do not follow the law should be fined significantly.


The law has been long in the works and it is a great way to start off 2015 with it officially in effect. Hopefully more states will come on board and promote positive recycling efforts in the future!

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