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Jan 2014

What To Do With Your Old TV

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What To Do With Your Old TVDuring the holiday season, few things compare to the joys of giving and receiving gifts. Watching someone’s eyes light up as they realize that large box isn’t a chalkboard but rather a brand new TV is a sight to behold. It’s also amazing how quickly someone can set it up and move their old TV to the side. More often than not, people want to get rid of that old TV as quickly as the wrapping paper. But before you do send that old, outdated equipment out the door, it’s important to know where it is going.

The recycling industry has recently been working to solve a major problem that has come to light: CRT glass hoarding.  It is an expensive item to recycle and over the past few years, several companies have filled warehouses with this hazardous glass and simply walked away from it. Both legally and environmentally, it’s a nightmare to clean up and manage. The amount of tube television and monitors around will diminish in the future as flat screen monitors are now dominating the market in the US. However there will still be a need to find a good outlet for the monitors that are left behind.

Whether you go to a local collection event or to a recycling facility, make sure you ask some important questions about where your old material ends up. Check for certifications. Transparency is essential, and a responsible recycling facility knows this. This is the time of year where many recycling facilities expect a major uptick in business. Though some facilities may charge to process the material, others may not. Be patient, do some research, and find a good outlet for the old TV.

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