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Mar 2014

Why Printers Are Recycled

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Why Printers Are RecycledPrinters, like all electronics, will at some point fail to operate as they once have. Parts and the equipment inside eventually fail and more often than not, it is more expensive to repair it than to buy a new one.  Like all electronics, there is some value to the printer and it is important to recognize a few things about it before you throw it in the trash.


-Toner- Toner cartridges are highly recyclable and can be used repeatedly after they are refurbished and refilled. Drop off locations at Staples or Best Buy will definitely be able to take care of your toner recycling needs. Keeping the box from the old toner will also give you a reminder as to what you will need to buy when the toner eventually runs out.


-Hard Drives- Though most printers don’t have them, some of the larger office printer/copiers do, and it is important to realize that data is stored on these drives. Find out what is in your printer and what it’s capabilities were before you recycle it to ensure that the data is secured.


-Plastics- Most printers are made of white plastics which are highly recyclable and can put back into the market. As soon as the color of the plastic changes, so does the value. Printer plastic is definitely something that can have many more uses after its original.


-Tin- After plastic, this is probably where the majority of the printer’s weight is located. Tin and steel are both highly recyclable and although it’s not the most valuable part of the printer, it is something that can be easily recycled.


These core components, along with many others, are what make up the printers that are at our homes and offices right now. Understanding what’s inside a printer will help you understand why it is so important to recycle it rather than landfill it. The rate at which a printer may break down tends to be higher than a computer, so the more this occurs, the more important it is to find a certified recycling facility and do the right thing.

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