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May 2015

Recycling Servers

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The cloud has given us not only a very useful tool to share and store data, but also provides us with more physical space in our work environments. Not long ago, rooms were full of server farms that held all of a company’s data and kept things running smoothly. Now, these rooms and the servers that they held are not as necessary as they were before. The difficult thing is trouble shooting how to get all of those old server cabinets out of the building and to a certified recycler.


ecoTech has worked with many companies to help remove these farms and help downsize the servers that are required to run an operation. Anytime new technology is introduced, it’s important to recycle the old rather than let it tie up space in an office. Your space should be used as efficiently as possible, and storing old electronics isn’t a great way to operate a company. It’s also important to make sure that any data containing material is secured and destroyed. The longer it sits in a server in an office, the more exposure your data has to being handled improperly.


The times and technology will continue to change, but it’s important to stay on top of what happens to your old server systems and make sure they are recycled. It will benefit the company in the long run!

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