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Sep 2014

Refurbishing and Reusing Electronics

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Refurbishing and Reusing Electronics

The old electronics that once were top of the line are more than likely sitting in a desk or closet at this point. Their lives have come to an end for the purposes that you had originally intended it to serve. As the life-cycle of electronics continues to shorten, it’s resulting in a surplus of working electronics with outdated technology. However it’s important to recognize that although it may not be able to download the latest and greatest programs and applications, it may have a second life.

Second and Third World countries are hungry for many of our obsolete electronics. Not for recycling, but for refurbishment and reuse. Cell phone towers that once supported our old devices are now being sent to other countries so that they can support them once again. As humans, we want to be connected and the reuse of electronics allows for this to occur. Rather than recycle and refine old electronics, giving them a second and third life-cycle is a great solution to a problem that will only continue to grow.

The more electronics that are put onto the market, the more we will have to manage. By taking a look at the remarketing and refurbishment of material, it could end up bringing much needed technology and education to those who might have been forced to go without it.

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