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Jan 2014

Why You Shouldn’t Take Apart Your Computer

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Long Island Computer RecyclingWith so much precious metal containing material inside of your electronics, it may seem like a great idea to start removing it yourself. However, there are serious issues with disassembling a computer. Keep these things in mind before you grab a screw driver and start breaking down your old machine.

-Hazards- A computer does contain precious metals, but it also contains toxic elements such as mercury, lead, and beryllium. These hazardous materials can cause great harm if they aren’t properly handled and processed. The untrained eye may not recognize these hazards and proper protection may not be available.

-Profit- This tends to be the biggest reason why people take their computers apart. When a company pays $2.50/lb for a mother board, it may seem like a great idea to remove it and sell it separately. However, recyclers have the price for a complete computer figured out and that $2.50 for the mother board is already included in the complete computer price. Time can be better spent if the computer is sold as is.

-Disposal- When you disassemble a computer, you may have to make a few trips to a few different companies to sell all of the material. More than likely, there will be some waste. By bringing the whole unit to a certified recycling facility, you can be sure that all materials have been recycled and nothing needs to be land filled.

Keep these things in mind when you need to dispose of your old electronics. It will save you time, energy, and keep you safe!

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