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Oct 2013

Smart Electronics Recycling

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Ecotech ManagementOver the past 10 years, the electronics industry has grown at an amazing pace. The world will continue to rely on technology and the electronics recycling industry has become a profitable way to make sure that the value of the old electronics is maximized. Much can be debated as to who does a better job, who is certified to a higher standard, and who is a better company to work with. However there are a few key things to look for before you send your electronics to what will hopefully be their final resting place:

  • Certifications: Whether it’s an ISO management system, R2/RIOS, or E-Steward, it is important to recognize that these standards reflect a company’s commitment to the environment and to continually improve their processes.
  • Stability: Though every company must start somewhere, working with a company that has been around for a longer period of time will demonstrate much more knowledge on how to handle material and where to find reliable downstream vendors.
  • Transparency: This goes hand in hand with the previous topics, but the industry has built itself around the idea that we need to know where all materials go. Tracking material is a crucial step taken by a responsible company to ensure material ends up where they are supposed to.

These three things may seem simple enough, but with so many companies popping up left and right looking to recycle your electronics, it’s important to make an educated decision as to who will be handling your material. Asking questions about processes and final disposition of materials should be encouraged. Full disclosure and leads to people making smart decisions when recycling.

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