New York State Take-Back Materials

ecoTech is authorized by the state to participate in the New York Take-Back program.

If you have electronic materials that you need recycled, we have the ability to accept and provide compensation for your electronic scrap.

The Process

ecoTech has developed a process that makes recycling New York State Take-Back materials fast and easy. To receive compensation for your electronic items, simply follow these three steps:

  1. Visit our Holbrook, New York office during normal business hours (no appointment required)
  2. ecoTech staff will weigh your materials
  3. Receive immediate compensation, either cash or check

Once ecoTech receives your scrap electronics, our recycling staff will ensure that your material travels through the proper recycling channels.

If you have questions about the New York State Take-Back Program or how ecoTech can help you recycling scrap electronics, contact us at (631) 750-2520.