Guaranteed Data Destruction Services

Know your materials are being destroyed correctly - and receive a certificate to prove it.

ecoTech understands that the safety of your sensitive data is a top priority. To meet this concern, we offer guaranteed data destruction services that extend beyond the typical erasing and wiping of data. With our services, you will know that your materials are being destroyed properly and you will receive a certificate of destruction to prove it.

Eliminate the Risk of Re-Usage

ecoTech shreds all materials that may contain confidential information. This is the only recycling method that can ensure your data has been completely destroyed and that you are 100% secure. When your hard drive is destroyed, the item is completely shredded and crushed before disposing of the remaining pieces. Complete data destruction means there is absolutely no chance of any data being recovered.

Before shredding, all data sensitive materials are stored in our secured and caged area. Our guaranteed data destruction service is conducted in accordance with DOD standards.

If you have questions about our guaranteed data destruction service, we are ready to help. For more information, simply call our Long Island office (631) 750-2520 today.