On-Site IT Asset Removal Services

IT Asset Removal Services for Businesses

Many Long Island and New York companies struggle with a room full of electronic waste that takes up valuable space. To solve this problem, they may contact an electronics removal company and pay them to haul off the items. However, over time the room fills up again and the cycle is repeated.

ecoTech solves this problem with On-Site IT Asset Removal Services for Businesses. We can manage and remove your electronic clutter, then compensate you for the items that we remove. This allows you to turn your clutter into a hassle-free profit center.

Specialists in Electronics Recycling

Since ecoTech specializes in Long Island and New York electronics recycling, we have the ability to provide a value offset. You can enjoy the same structure and methodical removal process that other companies offer, without paying a fee for this service.

When you recycle with ecoTech you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your scrap electronic items such as computers, monitors, printers and servers  have been securely recycled with our guaranteed destruction services. You will receive a certificate of destruction after every recycling job, which you can keep on file to document that the job was completed correctly.

If you have questions, our expert electronics recycling staff is available to help. For more information call (631) 567-2727 today.